Thursday, December 29, 2016

High-Impact Technology For Climate Change Is Already Here

High-Impact Technology For Climate Change Is Already Here

Youth And Climate Change

climate changeSo, let’s go. This year’s theme was inspired by the Masdar Global Youth Survey. It revealed that young people see climate change as “the biggest threat over the next decade,” bigger than economic upheaval or terrorism.

The survey also revealed that most young people feel that older people are not capable of addressing climate change effectively.

Here’s an explainer from The National, a publication of Abu Dhabi Media:

Young adults today are serious about taking responsibility for the environmental legacy they have inherited, believing it is the biggest issue for their generation to solve and they were sceptical (sic) of corporations’ attempts to deal with climate change.

In other words, from a youth perspective corporations are not investing in enough clean technology to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The survey also demonstrated that young people believe that they can push corporations in the right direction by exercising their power as consumers:

In fact, they were willing to boycott corporations they saw as disingenuous when addressing climate change. Almost half, 46 per cent, chose to spend money on products from companies that behaved in a sustainable way and 31 per cent would boycott a company they perceived as following unsustainable practices.

Those are two important clues about what could be the most important technological development that will have the greatest impact in reducing climate change risks.

The Shopping App Of The Future

Connect all the dots and you have technology that’s already in the palm of your hand — a smartphone. Add an app for sustainable, risk-mitigating shopping and there’s your most important technological development.

Of course, sustainability-themed shopping apps are already out there in the app store. A quick search brings up Buycott, which lists a number of climate-related campaigns on its website along with a slew of other CSR topics.

There are also websites like Climate Counts, which rates companies and recommends whether to support them or not.

However, none of these are quite developed to the level necessary for high-impact results.


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